How (And When) to Apologize to Your Child

All parents sometimes find themselves saying exactly the wrong things, or they simply get so angry that they lose it and then later feel terrible, and they want to reconnect with their child. In those times when you feel bad about how you’ve acted, how do you reconnect? Start by apologizing. 
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The Two-Step Process to Uncover the Lessons from Your Own Judgments

When you judge, it usually is in reaction to something you see or experience. That triggers something within you but as you do not want to acknowledge that and haven’t accepted that part of yourself, instead of facing your own judgments towards that what you have put in you Shadow, you judge the people or the experience.
So you’re projecting that you don’t want to accept within you, on someone or something else.
So your own judgments are signaling the way to those parts that want to be put back into the light.
The post The Two-Step Process to Uncover the Lessons from Your Own Judgments appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

Narrow Road to Heaven


This scripture used to bother me, if Jesus was offering heaven to all why is the road narrow? And I realised when reading your book that the road is that narrow still place deep inside. People abdicate their responsibility by chasing after others to show them the way and its really very simple we make it too complicated. You just have to follow after that peace inside.

Lost and Confused on the Path

During several years my life has been deeply spiritual. Meditation, reading spiritual literature and a constant inner work and process of spiritual and personal development has radically changed both my inner and outer life. I really felt connected to God and my prayers were literally answered in many ways. Of some reason which I don’t really understand, now I suddenly feel lost and disconnected. It’s as if a very critical and questioning part of me has entered the stage. For example, reading spiritual books was a thing that really engaged me before, now I’m only thinking “from where do they get this, how can they be so sure of what they are saying?" When I pray, I feel like "to what am I praying, what am I doing, why am I doing it?" I feel like I have swallowed a lot of concepts that others have made for me. I want to discover my own truth, but I don’t even know where to start, and also the critical me says there is no truth. I don’t understand at all why I am here on this earth or how anything works, and the more I’m thinking of these things, the more uncertain I get
of everything. Where to start and what to do when you feel totally spiritual lost? Since I’m writing this to you, there must be a part of me that believes there is a way back. Now I wonder if you have any advice on how to find that path again?