Novartis Boost Remote Trials to Increase Participation Rates

Source: Reuters

Novartis has revealed that it is planning to carry out up to 10 clinical trials over three years using a U.S. partner’s mobile technology.

The aim of which is to help free patients from multiple hospital trips as the Swiss drugmaker aims to boost study participation and cut costs, reports Reuters. 

Science 37 has revealed that it will be the technology provider. Through its smartphone apps that it offers to patients, it allows for video-based telemedicine visits rather than always requiring physical travel to clinics. 

This is all part of a larger plan to deploy more technology and leverage data to cut costs at a time of large industry concern, after sluggish returns on research and development investment. 

The “remote trial” technology may also support remedy limitations on recruiting participants. Right now, only 2% of the eligible U.S. population now joins studies due to access hurdles. 

“Novartis aims to run studies in ways that overcome many of the barriers patients face when deciding whether or not to enroll in clinical trials, like long journeys or extensive time spent at hospital or trial sites,” explained Rob Kowalski, Novartis’ interim drug development chief. 

Novartis owns 10% of Science 37 after participating last April in a $29 million financing round with others including Sanofi and Amgen. 

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